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Nissan Delmas

Posbus 384, Delmas 2210
h/v Sarel Cilliers Straat en v/d Walt Straat, Delmas 2210
Tel No: (013) 665 2150
Fax No: (013) 665 3897
Contact Person:  Dieter Adendorff  

Delmas Nissan

Nissan Motor handelaar. Verkope Nuut en gebruik. Parte, dienste en onderhoud alle vervaardigers.

Nissan Dealership. Sales of New and used vehicles. Parts, service and maintenance of all manufacturers.

Afgri Delmas

Plot 121, Road 4, Eloff, 2211
Wimpie Cilliers - 083 264 6191
Nicoleen Cilliers - 083 310 6214

Wilcor Maintenance

Services provide by Wilcor Mainenance:

* General up-keep and maintenance on farms. *Building of new coal fire heating systems (air to air). * Repair of old coal fire heating systems (air to air). * Sandblasting, any type of trailer, vehicle, any type of parts. Anything you need us to sandblast. *We supply all equipment and spares needed for coal fire heating systems. * Renting of TLB. *Repair Tractors. *Plumber : New installations & repair of current installations. * Farming Equipment - Build new, customize anything needed or repair old. * Building work - New or upgrade of old building. * Building of any type of toolbox for bakkies. * Any customize part or equipment needed according to customer specifications. *Cutting of steel sheets. * Bending Work.

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