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P.O. Box/Posbus 186, Delmas, 2210
32 Sarel Cilliers Street/Sarel Cilliersstraat 32, Delmas, 2210
Tel: (013) 665 2281
Fax/Faks: (013) 665 3420
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The Local Choice CJ Williams

Vir meer as 40 jaar al lewer The Local Choice CJ Williams ‘n persoonlike gesondheidsdiens aan die gemeenskappe van Delmas en omliggende areas.  Ons is by die meeste mediese fondse ingekontrakteer en doen gratis aflewerings in Delmas, Sundra en Eloff.  For more than 40 years, The Local Choice CJ Williams has been rendering a personalized health service to the communities of Delmas and surrounding areas.  We have contracts with most medical schemes in place.  For our customers’ convenience, we do free deliveries in Delmas, Sundra and Eloff. 

Dienste/Services:  Toegewyde en kundige aptekers en aptekersassistente/Dedicated and competent pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Verskeidenheid van kliniekdienste, insluitende advies, ondersteuning met chroniese siektetoestande, inentings, bloeddruk- en bloedsuikermetings, ens./Variety of clinic services, including advice, support with chronic health conditions, vaccinations, blood pressure – and blood glucose testing, etc.

Produkte/Products: Verskeidenheid van Dis-Chem produkte/Variety of Dis-Chem products. Vitamines en aanvullings/Vitamins and supplements, Huishoudelike produkte soos waspoeier, toiletpapier, ens./Household products such as washing powder, toilet paper, etc. 'n Wye reeks van noodhulpitems/A wide variety of first aid products, Kosmetiese produkte soos grimering en parfuums/Cosmetic products such as make-up and fragrances, Geskenke/Gifts, Foto-ontwikkeling/Photo development.   

Hours / Ure : Weeksdae/Weekdays: 08:00 - 19:00
Saturday/Saterdag: 08:00 - 15:00
Sunday/Sondag: 09:00: - 13:00
Public Holidays/Openbare vakansiedae: 09:00 - 13:00
Besoek ons vandag/Visit us today! 

Afgri Delmas

Medjuris Building
35 Forth Avenue, Delmas, 2210'
Tel : (013) 665 1893
FaxL (013) 665 1786
Emergency : 082 903 5374 /
Nan Phyffer : 082-903-5374 /

DELCLIN - Occupational Health

Our standard Certificate of Fitness medical which includes: Audiometric screening, Spirometry (lung function), Industrial Keystone Vision, Physical examination, Urine test and Digital Chest X-Ray with CD and Radiologist report.

Additional tests available on request: Multi-drug test, Screening ECG, Biological monitoring, Cholesterol/HIV/Glucose. Additional Occupational Health Services include: Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA), Return to work assessment, Employee Wellness program management.

Training and Leadership Development Programs include: Leadership coaching and mentoring services, Transformational Leadership Training Seminar (3-5 days), Occupational Health consulting, Health education & awareness projects.

For further information or a quotation contact Nan Phyffer (OHNP) (013) 665 1893 / / For Bookings contact Riana Reynders at (013) 665 1893 /



Shop 15, Willowbrooke Square, Pick n Pay Centre, Delmas, 2210
Tel.: (013) 665 3779
Fax: (013) 665 3386

Ivan J Horowitz - Delmas Optometrist

Free Screening for Driver's Licences, Full Eye examinations, Glaucoma Screening, Contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses, Repairs to frames, Designer & Budget Frames, Sunglasses (Branded & Budget), Pensioner Packages, Contact lens solutions etc. Prescription Safety spectacles (Industrial). We also accept Edgars, Jet, Legit and all Credit Cards. All Medical Aids welcome.

Stockist of Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Oakley, Elle, Levi, Adidas, Silhouette, Swissflex, Fendi, CAT, Ripcurl, Hugo Boss, Gucci.

Business Hours:Monday-Thursday 09:00 - 17:00, Friday - 09:00 - 16:00
Saturdays by appointment only!

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