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GENERAL ENGINEERING: To spec machining, Shafts, Pins, Bushes, Flanges, Screw Thread, Key Ways, Milling and Manufacturing of all types of Special Tools. WELDING: We do Welding on: Mild Steel, Cast lron Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium and many more GEARBOX AND DIFFS: We do repairs & maintenance on gearboxes and diffs. Specializing in:. Volvo, Scania, Eaton, Fuller,  Z.F. and all A.M.T. Gearboxes HYDRAULIC SERVICES: Here to provide you with the best hydraulic services PANELBEATING & CUSTOMIZING: Services Provided: Panel Beating, Spray Painting, Fiberglass Repairs, Remove of all rusted areas and detailing of vehicles .We do work on: Cars, Trucks, Trailers, All types of machinery. We do free quotations, no call out fee for quote. We only use the best quality paint and other consumables for all your jobs to provide a longer lasting end result and the best finish to the vehicles that we send out and keep our customers satisfied. MECHANICAL SERVICES: Maintenance on all vehicles, Trucks, Trailer, Earth Moving, Bakkies and all types of machinery MULTI AXLE SERVICES: We currently have a team working side by side with a respectable known company that has a number of multi axle and big in the rigging game and we are doing work for numerous multi axle owners. Servicing of multi axles, Maintenance on multi axles, On site maintenance, Parts manufacturing for multi axles. CUSTOMER BASE: Frits Kroon,  Transport, Car Towing Services, Pamona Towing, Vanguard Rigging, Straight Forward Follow us on:
  • Facebook : GRD Engineering
  • Instagram : @grd_engineering
CONTACT US: Alan (CEO) – 082 508 6301 Marten – 078 866 4769 Taurique – 076 900 9892 (Multi Axle Services) Jason – 060 504 4726 ( Hydraulic Field Services)

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Alan (CEO): 082 508 6301

Marten: 078 866 4769

Taurique: 076 900 9892 (Multi Axle Services)

Jason: 060 504 4726 (Hydraulic Field Services)

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Plot 72, Dahlia St, Welgedacht, Springs

Phone: 082 303 0213

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