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Specialist Primary Care Physician at this Healthcare Practice is Dr DM Kabundji: MBBCh (Unikin), MSc Med Emergency Medicine (Wits), MMed Fam Med (Wits), FCFP (SA) MP 0646288 PR No: 018 000 0742562 Services Offered: Medical Emergencies & Trauma Family Practice Baby Clinic & Immunisation Women Health & Ante-Natal Care Mens Clinic & Circumcision Counselling Occupational Health Pharmacy ECG/EKG Sonar/Ultrasound X-Rays Laboratory testing Home Care Our Practice is equipped with modern equipments: iStat, cardiac monitors, ECG/EKG machines, defibrillators and ventilators Our Radiology Unit has qualified Sonographer, Radiographer and Specialist Radiologist The Practice has qualified nursing staff Our Baby Clinic provides all…
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Our standard Certificate of Fitness medical includes:Audiometric screeningSpirometry (lung function)Industrial Keystone VisionPhysical examinationUrine test and Digital Chest X-Ray with CD and Radiologist reportAdditional tests available on request:Multi-drug testCanabis TestingScreening ECGBiological monitoringCholesterolVCT (HIV)Blood GlucoseAdditional Occupational Health Services include:Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA)Return to work assessmentEmployee Wellness program managementRFA – Medical, Physical and functional work capacity assessments (MHSA Section 8.4.4)DELCLIN WELLNESS  SERVICE:Chronic Disease Management on Site (Diabetes,  Blood Pressure)Weight ManagementFatique ManagementWellness & Health talks on siteDover ScreeningFor further information or a quotation contact:Nan Phyffer (OHNP) (013) 665 1893 / For Bookings contact Riana Reynders at (013) 665 1893 / Operating Hours: Monday – Friday…